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Intelligent strategic planning software

The Winning Model (WM) is an intelligent SaaS platform that delivers strategic agility to consumer companies. Smarter plans. Connected people & data. Lower costs. Better strategic ROI

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Why the Winning Model

Enterprise-ready Strategic Intelligence

The world’s leading consumer companies trust the Winning Model to enrich and accelerate the strategic decisions that drive their business forward.

Developed by former McKinsey strategists and Bridgewater AI engineers, we’ve productized the routine strategic challenges consumer companies face. Each of the WM’s AI-powered modules evaluate the impact of various fundamental drivers of the consumer value chain on your business, encoding decades of industry expertise and strategic know-how into one powerful platform.

In this way, the WM is not just a collaboration tool, but your planning thought partner. By scaling sound business judgement with computational power, the WM’s Smart Assistant is the first intelligent planning platform to offer concrete performance recommendations. Spend less time looking for business insights and more time acting on them. Welcome to a smarter era of strategic planning

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Powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics with end-to-end, AI-generated insights and performance optimization

Dynamic Modelling

Fast, easy scenario creation factoring in every parameter and dependency. Focus on the strategy, not the modelling

Smart data

One unified repository of clean, reliable data updated in real-time. Pre-built data connections, data synchronicity, and data interpolation

Easy to use

We pride ourselves on building a simple, intuitive interface that can deliver insights and functionality from CXOs to frontline users


1,000s of hours of testing and refinement within actual business processes to breakdown organizational silos and foster collaboration. Setup project teams, management dashboards, track initiatives – all while maintaining user access controls


The WM is tailored to your specific value chain and supports a myriad of strategic processes: channel strategy, sales planning, portfolio optimization, innovation, route-to-market and production optimization, CAPEX assessment, planning scenarios

Secure, flexible infrastructure

Light-weight cloud architecture (public or private), lightning fast deployments, complete application & data security

Continuous support

Top tier consumer strategy experts, in-depth user training, and continuous phone, email & self-service resources



Analyze and build plans modularly

Built modularly, the Winning Model covers all aspects of your value chain from understanding the market trends to benchmarking your factory operations. The Winning Model includes Insight Generation Modules – in-depth diagnostic analysis of your business to date – and Scenario Building Modules – powerful predictive and prescriptive modules that dynamically model future scenarios.

Switch from granular view to C-level view

The Winning Model enables analyzing your data at any level of granularity. With its simple, user-friendly interface, you can seamless navigate between hyper-granular views of financial and operational performance to macro-perspectives of scenario implications. In this way, the Winning Model empowers all levels of the organization, from CXOs to frontline leaders and business analysts.

Turn insights into performance initiatives

Each module enables users to identify performance opportunities and convert them into action with ease. Whether you are looking within your POS data, portfolio financials, or your production network, turn your insights into performance initiatives without missing a beat.

Gather, evaluate the impact of, and prioritize performance initiatives

Consolidate all potential performance initiatives from across your organization into one place. Standardize the impact assessment – across financial, implementation, and risk metrics – into one common framework tailored to your organization. Embed initiatives, alone or combination, into scenarios to see the P&L impact of different strategic directions

Simulate complex long-term scenarios

The Winning Model unifies data across Sales, Marketing, Logistics and Production to enable simulation of long-term demand / supply scenarios. Leverage our proprietary optimizer to see impact on your production and distribution network. Seamlessly simulate in a few seconds the impact of various sales strategies into your operations.

Get intelligent feedback on your strategies with enterprise-ready AI

By encoding business intuition into the Winning Model, our Smart Assistant technology can leverage computational power to auto-generate opportunity recommendations

Get access to proprietary benchmarking data

Through our partnerships, we do have access to proprietary data of 300+ CPG companies across 30+ categories and 40+ worldwide markets. From production cost to distribution, we will pull relevant benchmarking data

Collaborate and share at all level of the organization

With our workspace feature you can decide to work privately or share with sub-groups (your team) or the entire organization your insights and

Integrate With

integrate with

The Winning Model integrates with all your major sources of data. During our deployment phase we build a custom ETL software to integrate seamlessly with the data you have.

I can get to 80% of the answer in 20% of the time

VP of Finance – Billion Dollar Sales Company

“It used to take us 6 weeks to get production to tell us their capacity gaps given our demand scenario, and every-time there is a change to our sales plan, we have to wait. The Winning Model completely breaks this silo”

Director of Planning – Fortune 500 Company

This creates a common currency across the organization for having deeper strategic conversation

SVP of Transformation, Head of IS – Fortune 500 Company