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Technology that amplifies strategic decision-making

At MOKA, we deliver technology solutions that augment and empower strategic decision-making, rather than replacing it. Our best-in-class tools drive strategic thinking across all levels of your organization, providing an efficient way to deliver impact that used to be available only through lengthy consulting projects.

The MOKA Winning Model

The MOKA Winning Model

The Winning Model is an intelligent, enterprise-ready strategic planning platform for CPG companies. Drive smarter, faster, integrated decisions.

  • Optimize your entire value chain
  • Advanced analytics based on deep CPG experience
  • Transforms data into knowledge & reveals opportunity
  • Dynamically build strategic plans
  • Collaborative and easy to use interface
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CPG Performance Benchmarking

CPG Performance Benchmarking

In collaboration with ICP, a proprietary database of financial and operational metrics from 200+ CPG players.

  • 15+ years of quarterly benchmarks
  • Covers all F&B categories
  • Global set of benchmarks - NA, EMEA, Asia Pacific
  • Quickly assess your performance relative to best-in-class players
  • Optimization recommendations based on 40+ years of industrial experience
The MOKA Economic Graph

The MOKA Economic Graph

MOKA's proprietary artificial intelligence platform that allows business reasoning and analysis to be conducted at scale over large data sets.

  • Deep insights for the big data era
  • Perfect for reasoning over competing trends and investment risks
  • Accurately analyze large, interrelated and complex situations
  • Ask predictive 'what if' scenarios
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Business Advisory

We work hand-in-hand with the world's leading institutions on their most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing & sales, operations, and M&A transactions. We are passionate about helping to deliver immediate and enduring results for our clients.

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