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We founded MOKA based on the realization that a new kind of advisory is needed for the digital era. Our partners drives towards this shared mission after years of experience as former consultants, technologists, and entrepreneurs.

Karoon Monfared

Founder, Managing Partner

Moncef Zizi

Founder, Managing Partner

Todd Schiller

Head of Engineering, Partner

Karoon Monfared

Founder, Managing Partner

Karoon is a Managing Partner at MOKA. He is a broad-based business problem-solver who is passionate about applying technologies that clarify complex strategic issues and drive sustained financial performance.

Karoon advises senior client executives and boards across industries including consumer, financial institutions, and healthcare. His expertise spans strategy, business transformation, and the development and deployment of analytics. He has led engagement teams around the world to solve complex business challenges.

As a thought leader in strategic decision-making tools, Karoon brings a global perspective to the latest analytical methodologies and opportunities. He is expert at creatively applying and scaling classic value creation principles over large, dynamic data sets. He cultivates partnerships and oversees the development of products that deliver new decision-making models and technology-enabled business capabilities.

Karoon has over 10 years of experience in consulting and technology development as an advisor, practitioner and entrepreneur. Karoon started his career as a distinctive consultant at McKinsey & Company's West Coast office. After McKinsey, Karoon joined Moncef Zizi in founding Whisp, an e-commerce technology company. Karoon’s expertise was further honed during his time with Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking, and at biotechnology company ReVance Therapeutics.

Karoon received a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of California Los Angeles, graduating magna cum laude.

Moncef Zizi

Founder, Managing Partner

Moncef is Founder and Managing Partner at MOKA. As a strategist, he focuses on applying practical value creation principles to businesses, for driving growth and informing investment decisions.

Advising senior client executives, Moncef brings to bear a special emphasis on the consumer category, industrial clients and private equity investors. His expertise spans strategy and business valuations, as well as pricing. Moncef brings a well-honed international perspective to advising public and private companies. In addition to Europe and North America, he has extensive experience in the MENA region, having worked in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and the UAE.

As a thought leader in strategy, Moncef delivers specific expertise in growth strategy, pricing, and due diligence. He advises clients on investment decisions and portfolio strategy, specializing in driving business planning for consumer brands. Moncef also leads MOKA business development and chairs the MOKA Advisory Board.

Moncef has over 10 years of experience and has contributed to more than 100 engagements in consulting and business development as an advisor, practitioner and entrepreneur. He started his career at McKinsey & Company in Paris and continued with the firm in the New York office. While at McKinsey, Moncef helped to lead initiatives to define some of the firm’s proprietary technology solutions. He then went on to co-found Whisp, a fashion e-commerce platform.

Moncef received a Master of Engineering from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees in Paris. He speaks Arabic, English and French.

Todd Schiller

Head of Engineering, Partner

Todd is Head of Engineering and a Partner at MOKA. He has built his career at the intersection of software engineering, data science, machine learning, and financial analysis. He leads our technology teams in the development of custom solutions for clients.

Todd partners with clients to improve business decision-making through the innovative use of technology. He led the development of MOKA’s Economic Graph, a custom solution that uses artificial intelligence to allow enterprises to apply sound business judgment at scale – and readily demonstrate the underlying rationale behind their decisions. 

As a thought leader in computer science, Todd brings a multi-disciplinary perspective to how new technologies can be applied to inform business decisions. His research has been published in the top venues of the Association for Computing Machinery, such as the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE). He has also served as the organizer of a sessions among leading thinkers in the creation of finance-specific programming languages at the ACM/IEEE conference.

Todd builds on nearly a decade of designing and implementing software systems at industry-leading hedge funds, investment managers and analytics providers, along with advanced academic research. He has previously worked at Numerix, a leading financial analytics provider, and most recently, at Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund. At Bridgewater, Todd worked at the Systematized Intelligence Lab where he performed research and designed systems to capture and analyze the company’s knowledge.

Todd received a PhD in Computer Science from University of Washington, where he was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. Todd also holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis.


Our leadership team is supported by a talent group of diverse professionals.


Our leadership team is supported by consulting professionals from top tier advisory firms.


Innovation is in our DNA. Our engineers and data scientists are alumni of leading technology companies.


Designers, UI/UX geeks, writers. All focused on making our work and products human.


We are fortunate to have the collective wisdom of global leaders in strategy, consumer, technology, and media.


We amplify our expertise through collaborations with accomplished business leader and subject matter experts.

Philippe Bideau

Director Emeritus

McKinsey & Company

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Shelley Reid

Head, Corporate Strategy

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