We are a nimble team of strategists, technologists, creatives and operators with an entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative ethos. We founded MOKA to deliver clarity for decision-makers in a rapidly changing market.

Karoon Monfared
Managing Partner

Technology Development
Venture Creation
Operational Excellence

Karoon has 10 years of leadership experience in business strategy, technology innovation, venture development and operations. He is passionate about leveraging the intersection of strategic advisory and technology enabled analytics to improve business decision making - the core mission of MOKA. Prior to founding MOKA, he was the CEO and founder of Whisp, an innovative eCommerce platform. Before Whisp, Karoon was a distinctive consultant at McKinsey & Company where he advised Fortune 500 companies on critical strategy and operational challenges.

Moncef Zizi
Managing Partner

FMCG Pricing
Emerging Markets
Investment advisory

Moncef is passionate about applying rigorous strategy and technological innovation to the most complex problems facing today’s business leaders. This is why he created MOKA. Prior to MOKA Moncef co-founded Whisp, a fashion ecommerce platform, and spent 7 years with McKinsey & Company, serving clients in the offices of NY, Paris, Dubai and Casablanca. Moncef advises Fortune 500 customer brands, manufacturing and private equity clients across strategy, marketing, and sales and investment decisions.

Todd Schiller, PhD
Head of Engineering

Knowledge Engineering
Data Science
Machine Learning
Technology Strategy

Todd's passion is improving strategic decision-making through innovative combinations of analysis, technology, process, and data. Prior to joining MOKA, Todd spent 7 years designing and implementing financial software systems at industry-leading hedge funds, investment managers, and analytics providers. Todd holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Washington.

Howard Meitiner
Operating Partner

Executive Development
Organizational Transformations
Operational Leadership

Howard’s passion is empowering teams to overcome their most intractable problems. He’s had a distinctive career that’s spanned geographies, organizations and sectors. As a result Howard understands leadership and tough decision-making. Howard has managed crises, implemented turnaround solutions, created long term strategic plans, launched startups and overseen organizational transitions. He’s been a leading executive at Phoenix House, Fortunoff, The Museum Company, Sephora, Duty Free Shoppers and Debenhams.

The MOKA team enlists experts and specialists as needed to deliver professional, tailored strategies and solutions for our clients.