MOKA develops partnerships with other companies by developing an understanding of client objectives, concerns and current performance. We bring clarity to a complex and rapidly changing market dynamic. Here’s how we do it:


MOKA’s rigorous approach to analytics is rooted in classic business fundamentals. Whether market share, brand power or profitability, MOKA helps decision-makers find and manage the metrics that unlock lasting value for their companies by sifting through the mounds of data and discover what is relevant.


MOKA develops technology-enabled products that help our clients manage and evaluate their business data. MOKA’s products integrate seamlessly with a company's existing systems, allowing our clients to make intelligent decisions with timely data and intuitive reporting.


MOKA values partnership with our clients above all else. MOKA acts with the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality in everything we do. We uphold the responsibility entrusted by our clients to deal with their most important and most sensitive issues.


A nimble team with a collaborative ethos, MOKA mobilizes and partners with the most competent innovators in the areas of strategy, design, engineering and marketing to help our clients make the right strategic decisions to achieve their short, medium and/or long term goals. Our operating partners cover many disciplines including, technology, data analysis, consumer insights and market research.


MOKA draws on an extensive network of experts to build multidisciplinary and specialized teams who have proven skills in problem solving -- with a value/cost ratio that is competitively positioned for our clients. we “right size” each project team to avoid burdening our fees with large infrastructure costs.


Rooted in our experience as technology entrepreneurs, MOKA believes effective visualization of complex data and analytics leads to design-making clarity. That’s why MOKA builds its products with usability and human interactivity at their core.