MOKA’s services are built on two pillars: rigorous analysis to inform strategy and the development of creative, technology-enabled products. Together MOKA’s insightful and innovative ideas, coupled with cutting edge products and solutions, empower decision-makers in today’s leading companies to think differently about data, analytics and disruption and how these will inform future strategic plans and priorities.


Providing fact based, data informed strategic advice, is the foundation of MOKA’s services. Our team of experienced former operators is pragmatic and resourceful -- we understand the importance of execution. MOKA unravels the most complex problems facing companies today with both a granular, data-intensive approach and how this translates into bold new insights.


From this foundation we build clear and actionable plans in partnership with our clients. We are focused and committed to delivering against our clients' objectives — helping them achieve a lasting competitive edge and solutions to problems that have affected performance. We embrace sector based research to understand competitive positioning and to ensure we understand how technology is influencing traditional business models. We apply this to many disciplines.